Legal Planning for the Elderly

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Kansas City and Liberty Missouri Elder Law Firm

Mature couple talking to financial planner at home

Mature couple talking to financial planner at home

A law firm providing compassionate and quality legal services to the elderly and individuals with special needs. Our practice is focused on: 

    • Medicaid Planning and Asset  Protection – The Medicaid laws in Missouri are complicated, confusing and ever-changing, and the application process can be quite daunting. We provide assistance in planning for Medicaid, to help protect your hard earned assets and we assist with the application process and obtaining of benefits.
    • Special  Needs  Planning and  Trusts – In the Northland around Kansas City and Liberty Missouri, we provide assistance with protecting and preserving assets of individuals with special needs through the use of a Special Needs Trust, so that public benefits such as Medicaid and SSI  may be utilized
    • Estate  Planning – You want to be in control of the distribution of your assets after your death.  You want to decide who will be in charge and in what manner distributions will occur. We provide assistance with developing a blueprint for the distribution of your assets after your death  that will meet your goals, through the use of wills and trusts. In addition, we  also help you plan for incapacity by preparing durable powers of attorney and health care directives with living wills.
    • Guardianships – When your loved one in Missouri is no longer able to safely care for their personal and medical needs, we provide assistance in obtaining legal guardianship.  This will allow you the legal authority to set up and maintain the safe personal and medical care that they need.
    • VA  Benefits – We provide assistance in obtaining special benefits that may be available to a wartime veteran and surviving spouse in need of care at home or in an assisted living facility in the Northland around Liberty Missouri.

Our commitment to providing compassionate and quality legal services includes prompt and courteous attention to client  needs,   prompt return of all telephone calls and e-mails, before and after hours appointments as needed, professional and personal service, and home or facility visits.

Elder Law and Medicaid Tips

As an Elder Law and Medicaid planning attorney in Kansas City and Liberty, Missouri, I have many clients ask me about Medicaid eligibility. There are many myths surrounding this complicated area of the law. For example, just last week a client told me that he thought it was acceptable to sell his house to his son for $10.00, and still qualify for Medicaid. The truth is that selling the real estate to anyone for less than fair market value will be treated as a gift of property, and any such gifting, if within the 5 year look back period will be penalized. At Northland Elder Law, we are experienced in Medicaid rules and exceptions that exist to preserve and protect assets when long term care in a nursing home becomes necessary.  

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