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what does an elder law attorney do?

Simply put, "elder law" or "elder care" attorneys advocate for the elderly and their loved ones by helping them navigate through the often difficult and confusing process of establishing a will and/or trust, preparing for long-term care, and protecting and preserving their assets. Elder law covers a number of different legal issues affecting older adults, their future or current caretakers, and their relatives. They handle important estate planning and financial matters and assist in the navigation of the medicaid process, assisted living and long term care planning for seniors.

When Should I Hire An Elder Care Attorney?

The decision to retain an elder law attorney should typically be made well before one considers themselves to be "elderly". Despite the title, elder law attorneys can assist people of any age who have accumulated assets and would like to pass them on to their loved ones upon their death or incapacitation. Elder law attorneys also assist in the establishment of nursing home planning and medicaid planning strategies and procedures.

How Can An Elder Law Attorney Assist Me & My Family?

An elder law attorney can help with you and your loved ones with:

  • Estate planning needs including wills, trusts, financial power of attorney, and healthcare power of attorney.

  • Assistance with medicaid planning.

  • Long term care and nursing home planning.

  • Guardianship & Conservatorship needs.

  • Probate administration.

  • Disability planning & preparedness.

  • Asset protection and asset preservation.

The Experts At Northland Elder Law Can Help You Protect & Preserve Your Assets.

Northland Elder Law limits their practice to estate planning and protecting and preserving assets for the elderly through Medicaid planning strategies. They have personal experience dealing with aging parents and navigating the difficult process of finding care and financial assistance. As you will see, successful protection planning may be easily completed with professional guidance. Northland Elder Law has handled hundreds of these cases, and each one is handled uniquely. The correct legal strategy used will depend on the individual circumstances of each family, because no two cases are exactly alike. When it comes to planning for long term care and/or nursing home Medicaid, you want to enlist a competent professional with extensive experience.


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