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As a Medicaid planning attorney, Northland Elder Law specializes in protecting and preserving assets for the elderly. We serve clients throughout many communities in northwest Missouri, including Kansas City, St. Joseph, Blue Springs, Independence, Liberty, Kearney, Savannah and many more. Read on below to learn the importance of planning ahead to best preserve a lifetime of asset accumulation.  Medicaid Planning Attorney

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Medicaid planning can be complex. So, instead of relying on what you’ve heard on TV or from friends, you should use accurate asset protection information from a Medicaid planning attorney with experience. Did you know, when it comes to asset protection planning, a bad choice can mean the difference between saving or wasting assets that took a lifetime to accumulate. Therefore, here are some reasons why you should hire a Medicaid planning attorney:

  • Peace of mind
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Documentation
  • No conflict of interest

Peace of mind

Planning for the future, though sometimes difficult, can bring with it a peace of mind knowing that steps are in place to secure financial well-being. Medicaid, a state and federal government program, assists qualified elderly citizens with medical and nursing home expenses. As well, it possibly can be used to cover the cost of home care and other local services depending on the circumstance. 

Paperwork for qualification can seem overwhelming to tackle alone, but with assistance this process can prove to be rewarding. In addition, knowing that the forms are accurately prepared and submitted by a professional helps ease one’s mind.

Knowledge and experience

Perhaps you thought you had correctly completed previous application only to be denied services? Well, a Medicaid planning attorney with experience can help. It’s best to do things right the first time by working with a knowledgeable professional. But depending on the individual situation, it’s always worth trying to amend the initial application with the help of an attorney.  Additionally, an experienced attorney will advise on the following areas:

  • Protect and preserve family assets
  • Medicaid coverage
  • Estate planning
  • Nursing home planning


Eligibility for Medicaid service determination is based on an application sent to government agencies. For this reason, the accuracy and completion of the documentation is of utmost importance. Also, the documents must be correct as well as all-inclusive in order to get the most benefit. Therefore, our law firm is diligent in preparation and completion of all documentation. Plus, we rely on client’s information but we make the process as easy as possible by giving full explanation and understanding of what the needs are. As our past clients agree, hiring a Medicaid planning attorney is well worth the money. Without professional assistance, thousands of dollars in assets may be lost instead of correctly put to work.

No conflict of interest

You understandably want approval of a Medicaid application for your loved one. You’ll learn, an attorney works in the best interest to help you achieve your goals. Some may feel that paying an attorney for planning and documentation is not justifiable, but when you consider the high cost of nursing homes, the benefits of hiring an attorney definitely outweighs the cost. Therefore, working with an attorney will help you maximize your overall financial planning results. 

At Northland Elder Law, we will explain the various options available and how they can be tailor-fit to your individual needs. 

Medicaid Planning Attorney in St. Joseph MO

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