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An elder law attorney specializes in areas of law relevant to a growing population of older adults. Because of this increasing age group, more and more lawyers are adding elder law to their existing practice. When it’s your time to enlist an elder law attorney in St. Joseph, Missouri, how do you find the right fit among the many?  elder law attorney

At Northland Elder law, we ONLY focus on Medicaid asset protection and estate planning.

Our goal, like yours, is to protect your legacy and your money. We understand every client has different wants and needs. Therefore, we specifically tailor our counsel and advice individually for everyone.

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Here are some things to consider when searching out a highly qualified elder law attorney:

  • Find a local attorney in your state
  • Check professional qualifications and experience
  • Evaluate the customer service

Find a local attorney in your state

An attorney from your region understands the laws of the state as Medicaid is both a State and Federal government program. What’s more, they will be convenient for face-to-face communication. Although digital communication, like email and phone, work well for some instances, meeting in person fulfills each side in the relationship. Therefore, the willingness to communicate what’s happening will help you make good decisions. Plus, during an initial meeting, a client can evaluate whether the attorney is thorough, knowledgeable and willing to listen.

To determine whether they are responsive to your needs, you will want to ask your questions. It is important that you feel comfortable calling them throughout your case. Understanding fully about the process will help clients to get the most from their attorney’s knowledge.

Check professional qualifications and experience

While a general practice attorney can provide you with documents, they may not have experience in estate planning and asset protection. An elder law attorney has vast knowledge and experience to handle each unique situation. Also, because no two clients are the same, the attorney will devise a specific plan to suit your needs. Look at the years of experience when handling matters similar to yours. What part of their practice is related to elder law?

At Northland Elder Law you will find over 30 years of experience put to work for you.

Evaluate the customer service

Once you walk into the attorney’s office, you should evaluate whether the customer service is wow-worthy? Make sure you’re working with an attorney who can establish a meaningful connection. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is the attorney polite and professional?
  • Do they listen to your concerns?
  • Are phone calls returned on time?

Also, the way the attorney answers the questions will determine whether you can comfortably work with them. You want someone who updates you regarding your case. And when it’s time to act, they should explain the legal advantages and disadvantages. Among other things, you can expect the attorney to be professional.

Searching for a highly qualified elder law attorney?
At Northland Elder law, our specialty is Medicaid asset protection and estate planning.

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